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Tigers On Mission

Tigers on Mission is a service learning program we provide for all of our students from Preschool 2's to 5th grade. The focus of this program is Love which harmonizes with St. Timothy's theme of the year:

This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.- John: 15:12

We belive that a basic truth of Christianity is learning to love.  through the Tigers on Mission program students will learn to love Personally, Locally, and Globally.  So what does that mean?…

   First… we love personally - ourselves, our family, our friends at St. Tim’s.  Loving personally means loving those we are personally connected with.  Each St. Timothy's student is a member of a "Buddy Group" which includes an upper grade elementary student (3rd - 5th), a lower grade elementry student (K- 2nd) and a child from our pre-school (PS-2's - PS-4's.) Through music, group activities, service projects and prayer, these groups of three give the older children an opportunity to be a mentor while providing the younger kids with someone to look up to.

   Second… we love locally - the people in our community.  We want to help those who are in need around us in San Jose through programs like the Fish Pantry, City Team Ministries and the Mercy Mobile.

   Third… we love globally through global missions, so that all of God’s children can have the opportunity to know Him.  We do this by praying for missionaries, sending supplies to a school in Kenya where 3 children have to share 1 pen, doing an on-line mission trip, donating to Operation Christmas Child and participating in the Water Mission.

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Tigers on Mission


March 15th, 2017
9:00-10:30 AM
Make a donatation or find a student's personal fundraising page at the