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Pre 3's

Our Preschool 3’s program provides our students with an introduction to school in a loving, supportive classroom environment. For many of our young three year old students, this may be their very first school experience. Some children may enter the classroom eagerly, while others may be hesitant or shy. It is our goal at St. Timothy’s to meet the unique needs of each child, and to gently guide them through their preschool experience. We honor each child’s differences, gifts and abilities. Our developmentally appropriate program gives our 3’s an opportunity to grow, learn and socialize through hands-on art, music, mathematics, phonics, faith and dramatic play. Our Pre-3’s participate in structured circle and small group activities, as well as child-directed games, toys and play time. Our three year olds learn to interact well with others, to share with friends, to show kindness and to walk with Jesus. It is our hope that all of our Pre-3’s have a positive, loving first school experience.

Pre 3’s Class Size

Max 16 children – 1 teacher & 1 aide

Pre 3’s Class Offerings

We offer 3 different class options for Preschool 3’s; 2 day (Tuesday/Thursday), 3 day (Monday/Wednesday/Friday), and 5 day (Monday – Friday), as well as two different schedules; half-day (8:45 – 11:50 am) or a full-day (8:45 am – 3:00 pm). The full day features additional hands-on enrichment activities through thematic units and supervised play under the direction of our afternoon staff.

Pre 3’s Class Prerequisites

Students must be 2 years 9 months before enrolling at St. Timothy’s. Children entering St. Timothy’s Pre 3’s program should be well on their way to being potty trained. This means, the majority of the time they are successful but may have that occasional accident. Self-sufficiency is an important part of being potty trained. Each child should be independent in the bathroom, not needing adult assistance for basic bathroom needs. Young 3s who are not yet fully potty trained will be able to attend our Preschool 2s class.



We introduce the children to alphabet letters and sounds through a program called Zoophonics. This hands-on multi-sensory program teaches our students the name of each letter, along with an animal, such as Bubba Bear or Allie Alligator. The children also learn the sound and hand motions that go with each letter and animal friend. Our thematic curriculum, Creative Pre-K, offers each student a well-rounded learning experience through lessons in science, mathematics, art, and music. In addition to our theme-based instruction, the Pre 3’s are introduced to a pre-writing program called, Handwriting Without Tears. This exciting program is designed to enhance each child’s development in the areas of pre-reading, writing, language and math. As a Christian preschool, we also teach Bible lessons through a program called One In Christ. The children learn an age-appropriate Bible lesson each week. Art and dramatic play are often incorporated into each Bible story.

KiddieLead Program

The KiddieLead Program (Preschool – Kindergarten) is a character development/leadership program focused on introducing positive character traits and strong ethical values to all students. The 16 character/leadership traits are introduced through play and project-based learning. Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to lead their peers in small group activities, thus giving each child the opportunity to experience leadership both as a leader and as an active team member.

Friendship Fixer

Friendship Fixer is a Biblically based curriculum that teaches conflict resolution skills to children throughout our school. The six step program uses sign language and props to reinforce the importance of their relationship with God and others.