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Junior Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is a place where childhood is celebrated and children are respected as unique individuals created by God. JK is a place where success is measured by individual accomplishment, growth and self-improvement. The JK program is designed to support the whole child in accordance with the concept that young children are developing in several areas simultaneously and that each of these areas of development is equally important to the child. Early brain development research states that the social-emotional development and cognitive development walk hand in hand. A child cannot learn if his or her emotional and social skills are not yet developed.

The purpose of junior kindergarten is to facilitate social development, strengthen self-esteem and focus the students' large and small muscular development. We want to prepare them emotionally to meet the expectations of kindergarten. 

JK focuses on literacy and exposure to reading in a fun, interactive way. Letter recognition and phonemic awareness is an important part of the JK curriculum. We spend time daily honing fine motor skills through play-based activities, paving the way to handwriting. We get to experience hands-on math and science activities, and have a realization of how much a part of our daily lives they are. Biblical integration is key to our JK program from daily Bible story lessons to the Friendship Fixer program used in class and at recess. In addition, music, physical education and library are taught by subject area specialists.

The JK program is specifically designed for the young 5 year old, or for those children not yet ready for the Kindergarten program. Children must be 5 years old by December 1.

Class size:

Max 16 children - 1 teacher & 1 aide

 Class Offerings:

We offer a half-day (8:30 am - Noon) or full-day (8:30 am - 3:00 pm) option for both JK and K. The full day JK/K features additional hands-on enrichment activities through thematic units and supervised play under the direction of our afternoon JK/K teacher.

JK and K Placement:

A screening is performed by our Junior Kindergarten and Kindergarten teachers to determine appropriate placement. The screening will be scheduled after the application has been submitted.

    The KiddieLead Program (Preschool - Kindergarten) is character development/leadership program focused on introducing positive character traits and strong ethical values to all students. The 16 character/leadership traits are introduced through play and project-based learning. Throughout the year, students are given opportunities to lead their peers in small group activities, thus giving each child the opportunity to experience leadership both as a leader and as an active team member. To learn more about this program click here.


Handwriting - Handwriting Without Tears (Handwriting Without Tears)

Math - Mathland (Creative Publications) and Math Their Way (Pearson)

Reading/Phonics - Zoophonics (Zoophonics)

Religion - One in Christ (Concordia Publishing House)

Science - Hands-on interdisciplinary themes with a concentration on Life Sciences.