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5th Grade

Fifth grade is a stimulating year of growth in all subject areas. Students are encouraged to be confident in the foundational principles of Scripture for application in their daily lives. Enthusiasm for reading grows and critical thinking skills are enhanced as students engage in literature studies and independent reading. Literature serves as the springboard for instruction in skills and strategies that will help students develop into fluent, lifelong readers and articulate, effective communicators. In math, students are introduced to pre-algebra, division, decimals and fractions, while incorporating mental math, thinking skills, and logic. During fifth grade, students become proficient in the writing process beginning with pre-writing to the final draft of a composition. The fifth grade students write and publish a school newspaper and book reports several times during the school year. In Science, students learn about matter, evaporation and condensation, weather patterns, solar system, and respiration, digestion, water disposal and transport of materials in plants and animals. Students research and write a report from one of the fifth grade science units. A highlight of fifth grade is Science Camp – a week spent at Mt. Cross Lutheran Camp learning about God’s creation. The social studies curriculum primarily focuses on American history and geography from the first appearance of the early explorers to the Civil War era. Fifth grade students research a state and present a project and paper to their class.

The primary focus of fifth grade is strengthening language arts and math skills in preparation for middle school. Students are expected to be responsible for their learning by setting learning goals, managing class and homework, and organizing long term projects. The fifth grade students also have responsibilities for the school, such as collecting recycling, and putting up & taking down umbrellas in the lunch area.



Handwriting – Zaner Bloser Handwriting (Zaner Bloser)

Math – CA Math (Harcourt)

Reading/Language Arts/Phonics/Spelling – Houghton Mifflin Reading (Houghton Mifflin)

Religion – One in Christ (Concordia Publishing House)

Science – California Science (Pearson Scott Foresman)

Social Studies – Our Nation (Scott Foresman)

Lead1st and LeadNow Program

The Lead1st Program (1st – 3rd grade) is a leadership program focused on introducing positive character traits and strong ethical values to all students. The 16 leadership traits are introduced through play and project-based learning, whereby students take turns leading their peers. Everyone receives opportunities to experience leadership both as a leader and as an active team member. As leadership abilities emerge, students are provided more frequent and complex opportunities to serve as Team Leaders. Students displaying a strong aptitude during Lead 1st are encouraged to enroll in the more concentrated leadership training curriculum for 10- to 13-year-olds called LeadNow (4th and 5th grade). To learn more about these programs click here.