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1st Grade

Students make monumental growth in their cognitive abilities during first grade. Math is taught utilizing a combination of hands-on activities, daily number corner, drill and practice, and beginning problem solving. Building upon the phonics and beginning reading skills introduced in kindergarten, students expand their reading ability significantly. In Bible, students learn how God has blessed his people, continues to bless them and sent Jesus to be the Savior for all people.

Through concrete activities of observation and discovery, students learn about properties of solids, liquids, and gases, plants and animals, weather, and the scientific process in science. In social studies, students learn about the concepts of rights and responsibilities in the world. Students study the classroom as a way to understand society’s decisions made with respect for individual responsibility, for other people and for the rules by which we all must live. Students will examine the geographic and economic aspects of life in their own neighborhood and compare them to those of people long ago. Students will also explore the varied backgrounds of American citizens. 

The primary focus of first grade is building a strong foundation in language arts and math for future learning. Hands-on activities are utilized whenever possible. Worksheets and workbooks compliment the curriculum with opportunity to practice and master educational skills. Communication with the home is an integral part of creating a successful school experience. Weekly notes or emails form the teacher keep parents well informed and up-to-date of classroom activities and accomplishments.


Handwriting – Handwriting Without Tears (Handwriting Without Tears)

Math – Bridges Math (Math Learning Center)

Reading/Language Arts/Phonics/Spelling – Houghton Mifflin Reading (Houghton Mifflin)

Religion – One in Christ (Concordia Publishing House)

Science – California Science (Pearson Scott Foresman)

Social Studies – Time & Place (Scott Foresman)


Lead 1st Program

The Lead1st Program (1st – 3rd grade) is a leadership program focused on introducing positive character traits and strong ethical values to all students. The 16 leadership traits are introduced through play and project-based learning, whereby students take turns leading their peers. Everyone receives opportunities to experience leadership both as a leader and as an active team member. As leadership abilities emerge, students are provided more frequent and complex opportunities to serve as Team Leaders. To learn more about this program click here.