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All applications are now online. If you have a question about the application, the application process, or would like  supplemental materials, please visit or call the school office. (408) 265-0244

The maximum number of students in Preschool – Kindergarten is 16 and 20 for 1st – 5th Grades. Each classroom in Preschool – Kindergarten has 1 teacher and 1 aide to keep the teacher student ratio to a maximum of 1:8 in preschool, 1:10 in Jr. Kindergarten and 1:12 in Kindergarten. The maximum teacher/student ratio in 1st – 5th grade is 1:20.

St. Timothy’s only uses California state adopted curriculum. Teachers and administration analyze the curriculum available to ensure the concepts and lessons do not undermine our faith as Christians. The curriculum we use also provides a wide variety of activities, lessons, and resources to challenge each child. The last requirement for our curriculum is that it meets or exceeds the Common Core State Standards. 

Yes. Religion is an integral part of our day. Each classroom starts the day with a short devotion/prayer. Bible lessons are taught each day and the children attend a 15 – 20 minutes Chapel each week led by the pastors of the church.

St. Timothy’s administers the Measure of Academic Performance (MAP) to all students 1st grade and up. Our scores can only be compared to other schools that also take the MAP. Public schools administer a state exam that is only available to public schools, so unfortunately, our scores can not be directly compared. St. Timothy’s students do test consistently above average.

Parents are our partners in the education of their children. Teachers are always available to communicate with parents and parents are always welcome to visit their child’s classroom. Parents may e-mail, call teachers, or set up conferences to speak with their child’s teacher.

Three formal reports cards are sent home each year (November, March, and June). Formal parent teacher conferences are scheduled in November (Preschool – 5th grade) and May (Preschool – Kindergarten). Teachers communicate with parents throughout the year on a more informal basis through weekly newsletters, e-mail and individual conferences. We use a school information system, RenWeb, to keep families informed about happenings at school.

Yes, there are mandatory 20 hours per elementary family (JK-5th) and 15 hours per preschool family. Buy out option is $40 per hour. There are many opportunities for parents to volunteer in school wide events as well as in their child’s classroom.

St. Timothy’s holds an Annual Fund drive early in the school year. We have several voluntary programs that families may participate in: e-scrip, Amazon Smile, family dinner nights, Family Fun Festival, Servathon, etc.

Preschool students do not wear a uniform.  Jr. Kindergarten – 5th grade students do wear a uniform. The uniform consists of: Boys: navy pants or shorts, logo white or forest green polo or turtle neck shirts Girls: Christopher plaid skirt, skort, or jumper, navy pants, shorts, skirt, skort, or jumper, logo white or forest green polo or turtle neck shirts Sweatshirts: Logo forest green sweatshirt, logo hooded zip up sweatshirt and logo sweater Outerwear: Logo navy blue fleece jacket and logo navy blue or forest green nylon jacket.

No, at this time we do not offer a hot lunch program. 

Yes, the day care is open at 7:00 am before school and closes at 6:00 pm after school. The daycare is open only on days that the school is in session. 

Here at St. Timothy’s, we approach discipline in a loving, positive, Christian manner. We model for the children what it means to be a Christian in words and deeds. We do our best to instill in them a sense of respect for self and others, responsibility, kindness and gentleness.

We offer fee based programs that are offered directly by outside organizations. The programs are offered only as there is interest. Some of the activities that have been offered in the past are: chess club, dance classes, choir, robotics club, science adventures, and Spanish language classes.