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Student Learning Outcomes

St. Timothy’s has established a clear mission statement that reflects the core values of the school. The mission statement is defined further by adopted expected schoolwide learning results, or ESLRs, that form the basis of the educational program for every student. Our slogan, Building Strong Spiritual and Academic Foundations, is a reflection of these ESLRs as well. They are as follows:

St. Timothy’s Christian Academy prepares the next generation of leaders to influence the world, building on a foundation of Christian faith and values.



Spiritual Foundations

  • Students will have an active relationship with Jesus Christ, strive to love Him above all else, and reflect His love to others.
  • Students will grow in the knowledge of God’s word and apply it in their daily lives.
  • Students will respect all of God’s creation.
  • Students will respond to God’s many gifts by sharing His love with the larger community through acts of service.
  • Students will work alone or with others to creatively and peacefully solve problems and resolve conflicts.
  • Students will be responsible and respectful citizens of their classroom, school, community, country, and world.
  • Students will make healthy and moral choices.
  • Students will work to the best of their unique God given abilities, talents, and interests.

Academic Foundations

  • Students will demonstrate proficiency in all academic areas and apply knowledge learned across the curriculum.
  • Students will develop a life long love of learning.
  • Students will communicate effectively in both oral and written form.
  • Students will appreciate, participate in, and express themselves through art and music.
  • Students will value technology and utilize it responsibly for communication and learning.
  • Students will work independently or in a group, both as a leader and member.
  • Students will be responsible learners by managing their time, critically and creatively thinking and problem solving, and by being self directed learners.