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Leadership Council

St. Timothy’s Christian Academy is a ministry of St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church. “The purpose of St. Timothy's Christian Academy, as an extension of the congregation’s mission, is to serve children of the congregation and community at the pre-school and elementary level by providing a full educational experience striving for Christian growth and academic excellence” (St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church By-Laws).
St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church provides governance of the school through the Leadership Council. The Leadership Council is comprised of up to fifteen voting members, elected from St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church. Members of the Leadership Council serve on leadership teams to focus on the mission and business of the church and school.
It is the responsibility of St. Timothy’s Christian Academy administration and staff to fulfill the mission and vision of the school and manage the day to day operation of the school. The affairs of the school are managed by the Front Team of the Leadership Council.
2017 Leadership Council Voting Members:
Admin Team:
Tony Mazzucco - President
Anna Gabel - Secretary
Front Team:
James Moore - School Liaison
Bob Grandey
Karen Reiss
Base Team:
Greg Dittmer
Jan Duvall
Finance Team:
Greg Gallup
Danielle Quayle
Ex-Officio, Non-Voting Members:
Dan Selbo - Pastor
Brian Zaas - Pastor
Jonna Bohigian - Pastor
Gayle Renken - School Principal
Dave Roberts - Church Treasurer
Shelly Demko - School Treasurer
To contact Leadership Council, email James Moore at: